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Lord Caitanya and Prasadam

“Beginning early in the morning, Nrsimhananda Brahmacari cooked many varieties of food, including vegetables, cakes, sweet rice and other preparations. After he finished cooking, he brought separate dishes for Jagannatha and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He also separately offered dishes to Nrsimhadeva, his worshipable Deity. Thus he divided all the food into three offerings. Then, outside the temple, he began to meditate upon the Lord. In his meditation he saw Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu quickly come, sit down and eat all three offerings, leaving behind no remnants.” (Antya-lila 1, pp. 153-154)

“When all the Vaisnavas were chanting the holy names ‘Hari, Hari’ and eating, they remembered how Krsna and Balarama ate with Their companions the cowherd boys on the bank of the Yamuna.” (p. Antya-lila 2, 242)

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